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Winter Wonderland

A Seasonal Journal

momiji_neyuki formally mizuki_hana
7 October 1975
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***A Little About My Journal: I have had a journal since 2005. A few years ago I chose to change to a new journal rather than pay for a name change. I felt that it was time for a different journal to go with a different me.I don't use real names of my friends and family. I believe in privacy, which is funny because I post pics like crazy! ;P. To keep the confusion down I have created a mini profile for each person of importance located HERE. I hope this aids to confuse you less, although if you were less confused you wouldn't be my friends would you?

I have a unique and somewhat complicated life.  Our family contains three separate families of their own.  First is the original family containing my ex husband Sage, my oldest Son C4.  To that equation we add Sages girlfriend, mitsuki_chi.  She and I are friends and get along well.

In 2005, after Sage and I parted ways, I met Poppy and The Sorceress.  I tried to start another relationship, not realizing I was rebounding hard.  True to her name, the Sorceress wove a spell that convinced Poppy I didn't want him and that the baby that I was carrying was not his.  Poppy became verbally abusive with me and left me for her, and at three months pregnant I became suicidal.

In march of 2006 I met my Soulmate, gaerfindel, and I wasn't even looking.  I had given up on life in general and Gaerfie showed me that real Gentleman do still exist.  Gaerfie took care of me when I was sick and didn't care that I was carrying another mans child.  He took wonderful care of me, and The Gnome was born with no problems.  Then a year later, he helped me bring another bundle of joy in the world, Katydid.  My Eldest Son, C4, is the biggest blessing in my life.  He gets along very well with his siblings too.

Poppy came back and tried to make right what he did to The Gnome and I.  This was going well until recently when he had another child and now he and I are at odds again.  I truly wish he was not in our lives at all because he causes many more problems then he will ever realize.  I put up with it for The Gnome.  As far as I am concerned Gaerfie is the only daddy he will ever need.

Recently I have been having problems with Sage.  He does not allow me to be a true parent to C4 and it is really taking a toll on me.  I have very little to say what goes on in C4's, but that has always been the way in Sage's and my marriage and one of the reasons we are not together anymore.  I guess i just have to wait a few more years for C4 to be able to make his own decisions.

I am a Wiccan, though I really don't harmonize with nature.  Don't get me wrong I love Winter and Autumn, (in fact that's what my LJ name stands for in Japanese) but not Spring and Summer.  The bugs and the heat turn me off. I was born in the Fall so I guess it makes sense. I am very weak magickly speaking in the Spring and Summer too.  I am a Libra and a Rabbit which is a match made in Heaven or Hades your choice.

I am a proud Kitchen Witch! Everything I cook has a magickal touch.  Even the most mundane items such as my "Sloppy Joanne" (Mac and Cheese and Sloppy Joe mixed together), which is my most popular dish, has a special taste to it.  I cherish my gift from the Goddess. I keep my best recipes at kitchen_witchy1. I invite anyone who wants to see them to join my community! ^-^ my Goddess of choice is Aphrodite, my Soulmate gaerfindel, is "blessed" Thor, God of Thunder.

Gaerfie's epilepsy has been a roller coaster ride from Hades and back.  We dealt for two years, from the side effects of his medications, with this uncontrollable anger and sudden rage.  Anyone who didn't know about this would have labeled Gaerfie abusive.  We even lost a friend, who I later found out wasn't really one.

I work at Panera Bread and I love my job!  I have awesome managers and pretty decent co-workers.  I am the only employee to become a trainer without being there for over a year.  I go to school online at the University of Phoenix.  I am studying to be a social worker.  I want to make a difference in this world and this is the best way I can see to go about it.  I have a second job at Awesome Country where I talk about food all day to the customers.  It is a harder job in terms of manager and work, but I enjoy it.  I would enjoy it more if it weren't for the country music I had to listen to all day! ^0^

So that's my story (and I'm sticking to it).  I told you it was a wild ride.  I will be divorced from Sage this year and I cannot wait to become Mrs. Gaerfindel.  This year we added a new family member in the form of a long time friend, Zombie J. I found out he was the victim of elderly abuse and had been abused all his life. I have become his health proxy now and I am helping him to realize his true potential in life.  Meanwhile we are all doing the best we can and dealing with the obstacles as they come.  With love as my guide and my wonderful children I know I will be alright.

And now let the Blinkies begin!


baby development
baby development


My Life's Treasures: Katydid, The Gnome, C4


Father, Lover, and Soulmate:gaerfindel

"Somebody come and play, somebody come and play today. Somebody come and be my friend and watch the sun till it rains again. Somebody come and play today." Prairie Dawn

Blessed, J.R., Lev, The Three Musketeer

"Past Times With Good Company, I'll Love And Cherish Until I Die" Blackmores Night

Hunter and Rainbow, Bubbie and Commander J.(C.J.), Zombie J.


My Favorite Yearly Ritual Non-Con

Are You A Werewolf?

Close Family:Grandma(MIL), Mom(Grandme're), Sage(My Ex & C4's Dad), mitsuki_chi(My friend)

"I wasn't there that morning, when my Father passed away. I didn't get to tell him, all the things I had to say. I think I caught his spirit, later in years. I'm sure I heard his echos in my baby's newborn tears. I just wish I could have told him, in The Living years." Mike and The Mechanics

The Three Sides Of Me

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